Job Responsibilities

Auriga Polymers Inc., a subsidiary of Indorama Ventures PLC is seeking a New Applications Development Leader to join our global Innovation Research and New Business Development group.

We are looking for a highly motivated professional with demonstrated capabilities and good communication skills. This position would be located in Spartanburg, SC.

The Applications Development leader will be responsible for developing new polyester based polymers and applications in support of Indorama Ventures’ business growth strategy.

Responsibilities / Job Requirements:

Develop novel formulations for engineered polymers, packaging, fibers, and films for markets and end use applications, leveraging various well known and new aromatic monomers and polymers.

Opportunity to apply your experience and fundamental knowledge of polyester polymer, theory and practical insights, to solve various demanding and challenging problems to meet customer and market needs.

Work closely with business development and technical representatives of our customers and other companies to help in their product and application development.

Design, execute and analyze applications trials to develop fundamental value proposition and material and process requirements.

Support customers in their quest for new differentiated products utilizing unique combination of polymers, co-polymers or blends.

Captures and processes IP opportunities to protect technology and competitive advantage.

Manages relationships and confidential information under agreements between competing customers and development partners.

Supports knowledge capture and organizational knowledge growth via effective data summaries, reports, and presentations.

Follows all guidelines of the Corporate and Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) policies by consistently performing high quality work while minimizing waste generation.