Mr. Yashovardhan Lohia

Non-Executive Director

32 years

First Appointment Date

12 October 2015

Last Appointment Date

24 April 2018

  • Bachelor of Engineering Business Management, Warwick Business School, Warwickshire, UK
  • Director Certification Program Class No. 214/2015, Thai Institute of Directors Association, Thailand
Working Experience
Relevant Position in Listed Company – The Stock Exchange of Thailand
2019 – present Director, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited
2015 – Present Director, Thai Plaspac Public Company Limited
Relevant Position in Non-Listed Company
2018 – present Director, Medco Plast Co. for Packing & Packaging systems (S.A.E.)
2018 – present Director, Indorama Polymers Public Company Limited
2018 – present Director, Indorama Holdings Limited
2018 – present Director, Indorama Polyesters Industries Public Company Limited
2018 – present Director, Indorama Petrochem Limited
2018 – present Director, TPT Petrochemicals PCL
2009 – Present Director, Indorama Resources Limited
2009 – Present Director, Beacon Chemicals Limited
2007 – Present Director, Aurus Speciality Company Limited
Relation among Family with other Directors and Executives
  • Brother of Mrs. Aradhana Lohia Sharma (Non-Executive Director) and;
  • Brother-in-law of Mr. Kevin Qumar Sharma (Chairman of the Board of Director)