Thai Plaspac Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) Respect the privacy rights of employee job applicants and internship job applicants (hereinafter referred to as “you”) and to ensure that your personal data is protected. Therefore, this Privacy Policy has been created to inform about details relating to the collection, usage, disclosure (collectively, the “processing”), deletion and destruction of your personal data including online and other channels as protected by Personal data law is defined as follows:

1. Personal data processing purposes

               1.1 To be used to process your request to apply for a job with the Company, such as to carry out the recruitment process, qualifications, pre-contract selection as an employee, including compliance with internship agreements Internship compensation and receiving benefits (according to consent)

1.2 For the legitimate interests of the Company, such as analyzing and establishing an administrative database, manage and streamline the recruitment and recruitment process, internship evaluation, sending news related to the position, preparation of an internship or employment contract in case you qualify, exercise of legal claims (according to consent and legitimate interests)

1.3 To prevent and suppress danger to life, body or the health of employees or other persons, such as emergency contact, contagious disease control and prevention (according to Legitimate Interest)

1.4 To achieve the purposes of the consent you have given, such as consenting to submit the information of my application for work or your internship application to the Company (according to consent).

2. Personal data collection

               2.1 Information as defined in the application as follows

–  Information based on documents you send or provide to the Company, such as Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV), cover letter, job application, employee recruitment comments, which you send directly by email, letter or via job application website.

– Information about your identity, such as first name, last name, gender, date of birth, weight, height, photograph, ID number or book of nationality, religion, marital status, military status (male case)

– Contact information such as address, e-mail, telephone number, social media Information

–  job operation conditions such as:  if the Company considers that it has a position suitable for your capabilities in the future, are you willing to accept?

–  Information of spouse, child, parents such as first name, last name, age, workplace and status

–  Emergency information, the company can contact family members such as first name, last name, relationship.  Contact location, phone number

– Information about your education, abilities and training, and other qualifications such as education, qualifications, institutions/universities, years of starting and graduating, academic results, academic history, training history, test results professional qualifications, information from the references you provided.

– Information about work experience and information about past employment, such as:  job position, details of employer, salary and compensation, welfare, year of commencement and year of resignation, job task details

–  Ability to drive vehicles

– Information about your medical condition, to ensure safety and consistency in performing your duties according to the position you are applying for.

– Your information about your arrest, detained or placed under prosecution (only for positions related to finances or property; In case of unrelated position, you have the right not to answer this clause.)

               2.2 Data from the test depends on your characteristics, such as habits, behaviors, attitudes, leadership skill, ability to work with others, emotional intelligence, which may be obtained through the observation and analysis of the company during the test or participation in activities with the company.

               2.3 Information required for reporting of regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Labour

               2.4 Information collected from you, such as information you provide to the Company and information provide to the Company during the job interview.

               2.5 The information you provide will be shared and disclosed through the system, the Company’s applications, tools, questionnaires and services

               2.6 Documents that can be used to identify you, such as copies of documents issued by government agencies such as id cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and copies of documents issued by government or private agencies, such as copies of house registrations, certificates, degrees, transcripts, etc.

               2.7 Other information necessary to recruit and select employees or interns, fulfillment of internship contracts, Benefit Care Analysis and management of the Company and compliance with various laws

               2.8 For interns, additional information is collected, such as:

                        – Information about parents or guardians, such as name, last name, phone Number

– A bank account used to pay for internships.

– Characteristics of trainees and information from internships such as habits, behaviors, attitudes, aptitudes, skills, leadership, ability to work with others, emotional intelligence, discipline, or other characteristics, including recording time in and out of work and duration of work, to evaluate the internship.

                        – Other information such as referral details

               2.9 In case you are selected as an employee We will collect personal information as defined in the Privacy Policy for employees.

3. Special personal data

               3.1 The Company may be required to collect and process your special personal data for use for the purposes in this Privacy Policy.

  • Health Information such as weight, height, medical conditions, color blindness, physical examination results, medical certificates, medical records, and dispensing records for labor protection, work capability assessment, and compliance with applicable laws.
  • Biometric data such as hand pattern, Facial data which is used to identify and verify employee identity, crime prevention and the preservation of the legitimate interests of the company or other persons (if pass the recruitment process as an employee or as an intern)
  • Information on criminal records, to consider the appropriateness of the operation and to preserve the benefits of the Company or of other persons (only for positions related to finances or property).
  • Religious, ethnic, national, disability, in order to facilitate the facilities, activities, and benefits for employees, and to manage equally and fairly employee treatment according to human rights.

                          – Other special personal data for legitimate purposes, such as preventing suppressing danger to life and health for those who unable to give consent to be able to exercise the legal claim to meet the objectives of labor protection, social security, and employee welfare. (if pass the recruitment process as an employee or as an intern)

               3.2 Where necessary or for purposes as required by law, the Company will process your special personal data with your express consent. the Company will make the best efforts to provide adequate security measures to protect your special personal data.

               3.3 Information on criminal records, which collected from the evidence presented by you or your consent for investigation by the authorities under the law. The Company will provide such data protection measures in accordance with the law.

4. Requesting yin and the possible consequences of not providing personal information

               4.1 If the Company collect and process personal data based on your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent given to the Company at any time, so withdrawing this consent will not affect the collect, use, disclose or process personal data for which you have consented.

               4.2 If the employee withdraws the consent given to the Company or refuse to provide certain information, it may result in the Company being unable to fulfill some or all of its intended requirements as specified in the Privacy Policy.

               4.3 If the Consent from other persons is required, you represent that you have the authority to act on behalf of the personal data subject in acknowledging this Privacy Policy and in giving consent to the Company to process personal data.

5. Period of retention of personal data

                 5.1 The Company will keep your job application information for 1 year from the date of application and will delete or destroy all documents to prevent data leaks

                 5.2 The Company will keep your Personal Data after completion to determine your suitability in such a position to consider and contact you in the event that there is a position other position that the Company deems to be suitable for you in the period of time required to fulfill the purpose of applying to be an employee or internship, and if you do not require the Company to keep the information for consideration of other positions. You can contact the Company at the channels specified in this Privacy Policy.

                 5.3 In case you have passed the selection to work as an employee or take an internship The company will continue to collect your personal data.  In the period necessary to achieve your employment objectives or internships.

               5.4 In case of the Company use your personal data with your consent. The Company will process such personal data until the notification of the cancellation of consent and the Company has completed your request. However, the Company will continue to collect your personal data as necessary for recorded records that you have cancelled your consent. To enable the Company to respond to your requests in the future.

                 5.5 The Company provides a verification system for the deletion or destruction of personal data that over the retention period or unrelated data or data that exceed the requirements for the purposes of which personal data is collected.

6. Disclosure of personal information to other persons

                 6.1 Other legal entities, to achieve the purposes of which personal data is collected and processed as specified in this Privacy Policy, such as service provider for recruitment, personnel selection process, employment, security, background checks, qualification and competency tests, government agencies. Also, other persons necessary to enable the Company to operate business and provide services to you, as well as any action for the purposes of which personal data is collected and processed as specified in this Privacy Policy.

6.2 The Company will assign the person who has access to the data to take appropriate measures to protect your data and process personal data as necessary, and to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data.

7. Security measures for personal data

                 7.1 The assigned employees who have access to collect, use, and process personal data in applications written by the Applicant such as resumes or CVs or applications written at the Company or written through the Company’s admissions website, should be employees of the Human Resources Management Department or involved in recruitment, interview, selection and employment agreements, and supervisors of affiliated agencies or interview committees assigned by the Company only. Those assigned person must not disclose any personal information from the application or supporting documents or personal information obtained during interviews or tests, to those who do not have any relevant duties.

                 7.2 Where the data is stored by an electronic system, it must be encrypted or using a designated device and have a system to protect access to such device and be safe from unauthorized access to prevent changes, modifications, deletions, destruction.

                 7.3 For document, it must be kept, safe from unauthorized access and available for use, such as keep in cabinets or drawers with protective keys to protect data from any action that may damage data that is stored and controlled for use by human resources managers or assigned persons.

                 7.4 Training on the importance and protection of personal information with these individuals.

8. Rights regarding your personal data

                 8.1 You have the legal rights to personal data protection laws as follows.

  • Withdraw the consent you have given to the Company to process your personal data.
  • Request to view and copy your personal data or request disclosure of the origin of your personal data.
  • Send or transfer personal data in electronic form as required by personal data protection law to other data controllers.
  • Object to the collection, use or opening of personal data relating to employees.
  • Delete or destroy or make employee personal data non-personally identifiable.
  • Suspend the use of your personal data
  • Correct personal data to be accurate, current, complete, and not misleading.
  • Complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee if the Company or the Data Processor including employees of the company or contractors of the company violating or failing to comply with personal data protection laws.
  • In case you have further inquiries regarding the rights to your personal data for details, please visit Announcement: Rights and methods of access to personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

                        However, this is The Company will consider and inform the results of the consideration in accordance with the request to exercise the rights of the employee within 30 days from the date that the Company receives such request, and the rights as mentioned above are as required by the Personal Data Protection Act.

9. Information about personal data controllers and personal data protection officers

9.1  Personal Data Controller: Thai Plastics and Packaging Public Company Limited

Contact Address:  77 Soi Tian talay 30, Bangkhuntien-Chai Talay

Road, Tha Kham, Bang Khun Thian District


                 9.2 In case you have an inquiry regarding the protection of personal data.

                        Please contact e-mail: [email protected] Therefore, it has been acknowledgment and practice from 1 June 2022 or until the order is changed. If this Privacy Policy is amended The Company will announce its Privacy Policy immediately.