Third Parties and Visitors

Thai Plaspac Public Company Limited respect the right to privacy of third parties and visitors to ensure your personal data are protected. Therefore, this Privacy Policy has been created to inform about details relating to the collection, usage, disclosure (processing), deletion and destruction of your personal data including online and other channels as protected by Personal data law is defined as follows:

1. Personal data processing purposes

  1. To be used in the processing of your request or in accordance with the third-party entry and exit form to contact the Company or to take any action (according to consent).
    1. For the legitimate interests of the Company or those of others, (according to legitimate interest) such as:
  2. For the Company to manage data analysis for development and improvement
  3. For the purpose of accessing premises, buildings, indoor areas for security crime prevention and detection as evidence of investigations in both internal measures and the actions of government agencies or other organizations involved in legal proceedings.
    1.  To prevent and suppress danger to life, body or the health of employees or other persons, such as emergency contact, contagious disease control and prevention (according to Legitimate Interest)
    1. In case of you have consent, the Company will process the Personal Data by informing you and request new consent from time to time.

2. Personal data collection

  • When you wish to request to enter the company’s area, you must present an ID card or driver’s license or government-issued card for the security guard to record in-out form and the daily personal entry and exit book.

–  First and last name and affiliated agency of the visitor

–  Purpose of contact

–  First name, last name, position, or department of person who wishes to meet or come to contact with

– Others as specified in the third-party entry and exit pass-in and out of daily entry and exit book.

–  Car registration number (if you want to drive car into the company)

2.2 Before signing, you must read the content in in-out form about consent to collection, expose the personal data and security systems of the Company, which have CCTV cameras recorded at various points, and recommend reading the Company’s privacy policy.

2.3 The security guard will keep your ID card or government-issued card in a box/cabinet or drawer with a lock to prevent unauthorized person to accessing, modifying, destroying, modifying, or making it unusable.

2.4 The security guard will record the visitor information in the daily personal entry and exit book

2.5 When you enter the Company’s area The company does not collect audio data via CCTV cameras, however, the Company will label that CCTV cameras are used in the company’s area.

2.6 The Security Company, which is the data processor, must strictly comply with the personal data security measures in order to secure the personal data of the contact person, maintain the confidentiality, completeness and availability of personal data and to prevent loss, access, use, change, correction or disclosure personal information unlawfully. It is forbidden to disclose any personal information to other persons who are not in charge or assigned by the Company, which is the data controller.

3. Request for consent and possible consequences of withdrawing consent

3.1 In the case of the Company collect and process personal data based on your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent given to the Company at any time, so withdrawing this consent will not affect the collect, use, disclose or process personal data for which you have consented.

3.2 If you withdraw the consent you have given to the Company or refuse to provide certain information, it may result in the Company being unable to allow you to enter the Company’s areas.

3.3 If you are less than 18 years old. Before consenting, please inform the parents’ details so that the Company can apply for parental consent.

4. Period of retention of personal data

          4.1 The Company will store third-party pass-in and out pass-in forms and daily personal entry and exit book for a period of one month and arrange for deletion or destruction at the end of the storage period.

          4.2 In case of CCTV cameras, the company will store them.

  • In normal circumstances, your personal data may be retained for up to 15 days.
  • In case of necessity, such as if it is necessary to use it as evidence for investigation or prosecution, or if the owner of the personal data requests it. Personal data may be retained for more than 15 days, and the Company will delete it upon completion of that purpose.

          4.3 The Company provide a monitoring system to process, delete or destroy personal data at the end of the storage period to meet the purposes for which the personal data is collected.

          4.4 The Personal Data will be processed with your consent until you cancel, and the Company has completed your request. However, the Company will continue to collect your Personal Data as necessary to record that you have cancelled your consent so that the Company can respond to your requests in the future.

5. Disclosure of personal data to other persons

          5.1 The Company will disclose your Personal Data to

– The security company employed by the Company to perform security work for the Company, including auditors, government agencies, and other persons necessary to be able to process the purposes for which personal data is collected and processed as specified in this Privacy Policy.

– The Company will only require the person receiving the information to have appropriate measures to protect your data and process such personal data sparingly and take steps to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information.

6. Security measures for personal data

6.1 The security of your personal data is important to the Company and the Company has adopted appropriate technical and administrative security standards to protect personal data from loss, unauthorized access or use or misuse of disclosure, modification or alteration and destruction as follows.

  • The security company employed by the company must store ID cards or driver’s licenses or government-issued cards of visitors in safe places which away from those who do not have authority to access information, such as store in cabinets or drawers with keys to protect or avoid any danger that may damage data and check the implementation of this measure on a weekly basis.
  • CCTV cameras are encrypted and have access restrictions to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the CCTV storage and recording system.
  • Training on the importance and protection of personal information with these individuals.

7. Rights regarding your personal data

                   7.1 You have rights according to personal data protection laws as follows :

  • Withdraw the consent you have given to the Company to process your personal data.
  • Request to view and copy your personal data or request disclosure of the origin of your personal data.
  • Send or transfer personal data in electronic form as required by personal data protection law to other data controllers.
  • Object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information relating to you.
  • Delete or destroy or make your personal data non-personally identifiable.
  • Suspend your personal use of data
  • Correct personal data to be accurate, current, complete, and not misleading.
  • Complain to the Personal Data Protection Committee if the Company or the Data Processor including employees of the company or contractors of the company violating or failing to comply with personal data protection laws.
  • In case you have further inquiries regarding the rights to your personal data for details, please visit Announcement: Rights and methods of access to personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

                        However, the Company will consider and inform the results of the consideration according to your request to exercise your rights within 30 days from the date that the Company receives such request, and the rights mentioned above are as required by the Personal Data Protection Act.

8. Information about personal data controllers and personal data protection officers

8.1 Personal Data Controller: Thai Plastics and Packaging Public Company Limited

Contact Address:  77 Soi Tian talay 30, Bangkhuntien-Chai Talay

Road, Tha Kham, Bang Khun Thian District


              8.2 In case you have an inquiry regarding the protection of personal data.

                    Please contact e-mail : [email protected] Therefore, it has been acknowledgment and practice from 1 June 2022 or until the order is changed. If this Privacy Policy is amended The Company will announce its Privacy Policy immediately.